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Author, Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur
T.V’s Mind Body Coach Advisor To World Champions, Business Magnets,Pop Stars and Celebrities.

Schooled in eastern philosophy and meditation from age 4, degree
educated in western philosophy and qualified in exercise physiology and natural medicine.

Alistair is renowned trainer in the fiels of NLP, Coaching and
Hypnotheraphy and Hypnosis.



Business Personal


Alistair has added millions of $ to bottom lines. He’s hired for half day business breakthrough sessions through to yearly retainers. When it’s time to level up your business…


Alistair has been sharing real world psychology strategies with business for well over a decade. His trainings enhance management and sales teams with practical, real world skills tailored to your outcomes and needs.


With 1/2 million views on his TEDx talk to high level keynotes and intimate business lunch talks, Alistair is a highly sought after speaker. Funny, insightful, on point and inspiring, contact us to begin a conversation that will truly engage your audience.

Success Coaching

Level up your life. From making more money to winning a world championship. Work with Alistair to make it happen.

Resolving Personal Blocks

1000’s of lives have been changed and transformed through Alistair’s personal growth work. Hired by celebrities, pop and rock stars and the world’s wealthiest you can work with someone who can genuinely help you to transform and resolve even seemingly insurmountable issues.

Optimal Life Products

Use cutting edge genetic testing, neuroscience based brain software and personal growth programs to transfofrm your life now…



Optimal Life.Co provides solutions, products and tech for creating your optimal mind, body and life. Cutting edge genetics, neuroscience and lifestyles coupled with the wisdom of the ages. Find out how you can start living your optimal life today….

Visit the Optimal Life Co (link to www.optimallife.co)


The Mind Academy is Australia’s premier college for personal growth, therapy and coaching training. You can train personally with Alistair 4 times a year.

Visit the The Mind Academy (link to www.themindacademy.com.au)




Alistair is available for T.V, radio and print media. He has been featured in countless magazines and newspapers, radio shows and has presented his own Discovery Health Channel T.V series – “The Life Guru”



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