With over 20 years of coaching, therapy and consulting experience at the highest level I can rapidly assist with any concerns you may have in mind, body, relationships, business and life.

Before I go any further here is a little context...

I came from a majorly dysfunctional upbringing. It would have been nice to have inherited the family silver, but I didn't. Instead I inherited mental health issues, a poverty mentality, and a very confused idea of reality.


I left school (a very abusive one) at 16, I've lived on unemployment benefit, lived in squats and bedsits, did drugs for years and drank too much all the time.


I have done countless menial jobs. I married badly, lost contact with my beautiful child for years, been betrayed by those I loved most and after building financial resources had to sign it all away and start again with zero dollars at age 40.


One year ago I was told I might only have 2 hours left to live.


I've also had my own TV series, featured in countless magazines and newspapers, written 2 books, created government accredited courses in modern psychology and qualifications earned an honours degree among many other professional qualifications.

I have developed programs for the long term unemployed, phobia programs for world famous zoo's and sales trainings for household name companies. 


I created a private college and have over 1.5 million views on my TEDx talk. I'm a trainer of NLP,  Coaching and Hypnotherapy and have created unique approaches in each of these areas.


I've loved and been loved by beautiful, good people and have dear friends in every corner of the world.


I've taught, coached and helped doctors, psychiatrists,  therapists, the everyman, the abused, the trauamatised, the lost, the hopeless, celebrities, rock starts, the insanely wealthy and world champion athletes.

I've consulted to major companies and helped put millions on their bottom line.

I've also overcome my mental health issues, become financially successful, love my work and run my body in peak health.



I became PLAYER ONE, I became the HERO in my own life.


It would be an honour to show you how to do it to.